Spring Skin Cleaning

by Annegret

Spring - Time to Shed your Winter Skin

I noticed that even though the bitter cold winter and zero-humidity days are over, our skin is more thirsty than ever for hydration.

In spring, not only the earth and seeds can feel the power of rejuvenation, our bodies and skin, as a part of nature have the same urge to replenish themselves.

Shedding your old skin, literally, is part of this process. Thus, exfoliating your skin 2 to 3 times a week is so important in spring. Use a nice exfoliation scrub or mask for your face, and a sugar or salt scrub for your body. Dry brushing your body is also highly recommended. This helps the lymphatic system do a better job of removing toxins from the body.

After the exfoliation treat your skin with a rich and hydrating creme or lotion. Free of dead skin cells, your new skin will take up any nourishment deeply. It will feel and look renewed, healthy and hydrated.

Check out our exfoliates, rich lotions and hydrating facial creams. I am certain you will find something that your skin will absolutely love!

In other Kettle Care News, we are preparing a revamp for the website as I write this. The new look and layout will offer a much more fluid shopping experience. Checkout will be faster and easier than ever. Also, stay tuned...we are putting together a special surprise we hope all of you will love. And just in case there are any hiccups; in advance, thank you for your patience during this transition time. :)

As always, we appreciate any feedback on our products and the new website. It is helpful to grow and improve our services and products.

Enjoy the emerging power of spring. And remember, if spring still takes your breath away and makes you smile it means that you are beautiful, vibrant, young and alive.

Wishing you a Happy Spring,

Annegret and the Kettle Care Organics Team