Smoke Relief for the Skin - like Breath of Fresh Air

by Annegret Pfeifer

It is late summer and we find ourselves wrapped in the thick smoke of the many wildfires that are burning all around us. 

We have visions of rain whenever we look into the thick haze of smoke and we think of moisture to the point where we imagine drops of rain water dancing on our face when we go outdoors. If there is a power of intention, this is the time to practice it.

Until that refreshment comes, you ought to be wondering about what you can do for your dry skin. Here are some great tips and we have the best natural body care to keep your skin feeling hydrated, even among all of the smoky skies.

Looking to keep your skin happy and nourished as we near the end of the summer? We have the perfect products to help you with that healthy skin!

First, pick out some of your favorite music, this is critical. Preferably something that makes your heart dance.

Then splash your face with refreshing cold water and cleanse your skin with our gentle Antioxidant Cleansing Gel. It's uplifting scent of Lemongrass makes you feel refreshed and ready to face the next task.

Follow with a spritz of Balancing Lavender Mist & Toner to calm your skin. So good to use throughout the day as well, especially on those days where the air seems stagnant.

Then nourish and protect your face with a thin layer of our Antioxidant Royal Jelly Creme, of which a little goes a long way. Your skin will thank you for this treat.

Finally protect your lips with our ONE & ONLY, the Environmental Barrier Lip Balm. Yes, your lips will go Ahh, relax and bring out your beautiful smile throughout the day.

Be good to yourself, be good to everyone, be good to everything around you. We all need it, your goodness - it is like a breath of fresh air.