Product Name Changes at KCO

by Annegret & Klaus Pfeifer

What is it with those name changes at KCO that happened this summer? How do I find my product? 

To all of you who called us with these questions during the last weeks, here is how all of this came about.  

Nearing year 5 of our ownership, we started to take a close look at the latest FDA Regulations for Cosmetics and Labeling and how the FDA has been applying them in recent audits. (Not necessarily the things we want have cross our mind when rafting the rivers and hiking the Montana wilderness on the weekends, but what can you do?)  

We discovered that the biggest change has been in how the FDA looks a lot more critically at implied claims. As a result skin care companies are not even allowed to use product names that mention anything below the skin like Muscle, Joint, Sinus, Varicose Vein, etc. Also any kind of medical condition is a no go like Migraine, Headache or Cold Sores, etc.

If the FDA determines that your product has made any claims or implied claims, even if just with the product name, then the FDA looks at your product as a misbranded drug that is being sold as a cosmetic. Drugs can only be manufactured and sold if they are registered as a drug and the manufacturer is registered and certified as a drug manufacturer. Basically all natural wellness products out there, even if they just use herbs etc., would fall under this if they make any claims or implied claims.

As a result this put a handful of our most trusted products in our Wellness Line between a rock and a hard place, especially when it comes to marketing. This was truly a situation where we reached for our trusted Migraine oil for all the headaches it caused.

Yet, it is our desire to not only be GMP compliant and create our skincare in a super clean and accountable environment. We also want to market our products within the changing regulations of the FDA. When you go to our website you can experience the changes we have made to be compliant with the latest application of the FDA regulations.

We have reworded all product descriptions that the FDA might interpret as claims or implied claims. We have also adjusted customer reviews to not include any claims. All ingredient listings now include INCI and Common names. Plus in the near future you will also see INCI ingredient names on our product labels

As a part of this effort we changed the names of the several of our products:

Arnica Muscle Rub – now Arnica Rub– same formula, new name

Vascular Ease Lotion – now Revitalizing Leg Lotion– same formula, new name

Sinus Balm – now Eucalyptus Breathe Balm – same formula, new name

Herbal Aid Crème – now Herbal Crème – same formula, new name

Cold Care Aromatheraphy Soak

– now Under The Weather Mineral Salt Bath - same formula, new name

We hope you will find value in the naming changes and additional clarity of information on ingredients.

Thank you for your ongoing support and consideration of our small company.

Our mission has been and will continue to be to make body care as natural as possible with ingredients you know and trust.

Next time we raft the rivers and hike the wilderness, we will come up with more uplifting projects like developing new scents for winter room sprays, deodorants and sugar scrubs.