Golden Sunny ​Chamomile Harvest

by Annegret Pfeifer

We are in the middle of harvest time and since our growing season is short our drying rack is running overtime. For the latest harvest we went out to Two Bear Farm. Rebecca had told us that the Chamomile was ready. So on an early morning Erin, Dillon and I met out there on KM Ranch Road. The farm is on a gravel road and right about when you start to wonder if you missed it, you finally spot their large green houses down in the valley. 

This has been the second year that Two Bear Farm had grown Chamomile for us and one could tell how much it likes to spread. It was growing as happily inside the cottage garden as well as outside, sprinkling all the way the grassy border to the vegetable fields.

Chamomile flower are small and unlike Calendula flowers, hand-picking is cumbersome. We are lucky that Two Bear Farm provides us with a nifty Chamomile Comb. It still takes a while and some technique, but the comb yields a far faster harvest. We played with different techniques and filled the basket within an hour. 

 As the sun was getting higher we headed back to the shop and filled the drying racks with the abundance of yellow sunny Chamomile flowers. For the rest of the day and that night, whenever I closed my eyes for a moment, I had visions of sunny chamomile flowers, just waking up to the sun, filling the harvest comb and dropping in our basket. I could not help but have a smile on my face. How cool of a job we have.