Celebrating Beauty - Beargrass Bloom around Glacier National Park

by Annegret Pfeifer; photography Annegret Pfeifer & Tom Raynolds

For many of you, a birthday is a special occasion. Imagine that your birthday would only be every 4 to 7 years. Wouldn't  that make your birthday super special?  

This is the case with Bear Grass, a member of the corn lily family. It is found throughout the upper Rocky Mountains, the Pacific Northwest, and is abundant in our wilderness areas around Glacier National Park. Historically, it only blooms this prolifically following seasons of higher snow pack and even then, an individual plant only blooms every 4 to 7 years.  This year's showing is proving to be a splendid one. Take a short hike through a forest in Northwest Montana:

Their white flowers float above the forest ground like dancing snowballs on a summer day. An amazing sight that just draws you in over and over again.

Absorb the atmosphere of the Rockies of Montana and enjoy the beauty of it all. 

Photo by Tom Raynolds

Breath in the mountain air and be swept away by the purity of nature.

Get Lost in Montana and get away from it all for a little while.

Enjoy the aromas...

...and the relaxing way home.

Thanks for joining us on this great trip through the neighborhood around Glacier National Park and taking in its beauty. And don't forget to help yourself to something cold and refreshing. :)


Annegret & the Kettle Care Team