What is Kettle Care Organics about?

We are a small, family owned company based here in Kalispell, MT. With our wonderful team, we handcraft natural and highly therapeutic body care formulas that we have refined to near perfection over our 33 years in business as a body care company.

Being a part of our team here at Kettle Care means having a large variety in your work. We are a dynamic, highly motivated and progressive team with a mission to create and manufacture Pure Herbal Body Care products. Our small team covers all aspects of the business so there is opportunity to get exposes and work multiple areas of the business including marketing, sales, manufacturing, IT, website hosting, graphic design, database management, running workshops, copywriting, administration and many more. Working here will you give you an opportunity to use your varied skill set in many useful ways and there will always be something new for you to do in our company.


We value our employees and we provide training as well as continuing education in your area of expertise. We believe that a well trained employee who is able to expand on their skills in the workplace is an employee who will perform at their highest level and will continue to grow into the best that they can be. In the past we have acquired training for employees who are interested in things like graphic design, photography, human resources, IT and database technology, marketing and retail store management.

We are always accepting resumes and interviewing potential candidates. And if you believe you have a skill set which could be valuable to us please stop by our store and drop off a resume and have a chat with us. We love meeting new people interested in our work and we will give you a tour of our facility.

Entry level manufacturing and office technician

If you are excited about having a job with great variety, being part of a dynamic, highly motivated and progressive team with a mission to create and manufacture Pure Herbal Body Care products, then this position is for you.

Job description:

The employee will receive cross training and perform duties in multiple areas of the business including manufacturing, retail sales, and customer service. This job also requires the ability to work with the systems and processes that are in place to comply with FDA regulations. 

Job duties will include but are not limited to:

Manufacturing and packaging finished goods including filling, labeling, shrink wrapping and managing inventory.

Completing customer orders, including taking orders over phone and website, processing payments, and packing and shipping orders.

Operating the retail store including opening and close down of the store, assisting customers in purchases, running POS Systems, and management of the retail inventory. Position is 20+ hours a week.

Job requirements:

This position requires a minimum of a high school degree or equivalent, proficiency in using computers and Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point and Adobe Photo Shop software. A basic understanding of working with website hosting software is a plus. Good high school Math, Chemistry and Biology skills are also required.

Strong communication skills and ability to interact comfortably with new people, including in some retail sales, are required in this position.

This position requires the ability to lift 5 gallon buckets weighing 40+lbs up to and above shoulder height plus flexibility in work hours.

The ideal candidate would be someone who is very technical and systems oriented, has well developed computer and Math, Chemistry and Biology skills plus an interest in Botany or Herbology and their use in body care products.

To apply either drop off your resume in person at our store at 3575 Highway 93 N in Kalispell, or email it to