About Us



Kettle Care Organics was established in 1983 when the founder, Lynn Wallingford, created a healthier skin care option with pure, natural ingredients, that work effectively.


Now owned by myself, Annegret Pfeifer; alongside my husband, Klaus, we have added a bit of sunshine and rain to help this company grow into something spectacular. Our European heritage has led us to become creators and connoisseurs of high quality body care combined with the high standards of good manufacturing practices.

Here in Montana, we are taken by the beauty and splendor of the steep peaks, pristine lakes and the vast untamed wilderness of the northwest. We love to work with our hands and see the whole process of creation. Starting from the feel of the dirt between our fingers that keeps us grounded, and the raw botanical from local organic farms, to the lavish product handcrafted in our lab.






We make body care for the importance of providing genuine wholesome ingredients. We craft in our own lab to ensure sustainability and reproducibility, to consistently provide the highest quality product. We strive to make you feel accomplished and reassured about your skin care option. And we encourage you to give your skin the necessary pampering after a hard day’s work and adventures.






We are an artisan skin care company nestled in Northwest Montana. Community-based we source our ingredients locally whenever possible. From rich meadows of fresh wild crafted Arnica to the extensive fields of Montana’s Organic farmland. Nature has offered a beneficial spread far and wide, and we picked the best, all for you. Each product is formulated with a harmonious blend of rich botanical Extracts and Essential Oils to give your skin fast and powerful recuperation. Using small batch equipment, our dedicated team creates massive quantities of high quality skin essentials.